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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission at Azure University is to provide an international higher education to students in Haiti and around the world in healthcare, technology and business.

Goals and Objectives

  1. Help our students complete a cost efficient higher education in Haiti and be ready to integrate the workforce in USA, Canada and the world.
  2. Training students in only the fields that are in demand in the local and international Marketplace.
  3. Obtain CARICOM and other international accreditations within 10 years of opening.
  4. Leverage Technology and the knowledge of the Haitian Diaspora to help raise the standard of higher education in Haiti.
  5. Establish relevant international partnerships to help accomplish our goals.

Ownership / Legal Entity

Azure University is registered with the Haitian Ministry of Commerce as a for-profit corporation and published in the official Haitian publication “Le Moniteur”. View Here


Azure University is approved by the Haitian Ministry of Education. View here

Ministry of Public Health Authorization

Azure University is authorized by the Department of Public Health in Haiti to start the process of teaching a Bachelors and Masters degree in Nursing programs. View here

International Degree

Upon graduation, Azure University students will earn a dual diploma.Because of our articulation agreement with Azure College and other world renowned universities, graduates of Azure University in Haiti will receive a diploma in Haiti and the United States.


Delmas 33 Port-au-Prince, Haiti